Apurina Green Rapé


Apurina, Apurina tribe, Brazil 


We are very grateful and happy that we finally can share this beautiful and famous traditional Apurina Rapé with you. This Rapé brings a bright, uplifting energy full of beautiful natural green aromas. Amazing for meditation and ceremonial work, gently bringing focus and clarity.

Apurina is a Rapé blend without Tabacco, so this is an ideal blend for those being a spiritual dieta which excludes Tabacco. This Rapé is also perfect for those who don’t feel like working with Tabacco. The rest of the ingrediënts are a well-kept secret, only known by the members of the Apurina tribe.

This blend of Apurina is lighter green of color then most blends of Apurina we have encountered, each family having there own ways of preparing, giving every snuff an unique look, flavour and energy. The ingrediënts are collected in their ancestral forests, only harvesting when Mother Nature is willing to give, making this a very special and rare product. 


There is an unique story to this batch of Apurina which we like to share. Good friends of us which we buy Rapé from, encountered a family of indiginous of the Apurinai tribe. They told our friends if they didn’t pay a specific amount of money at the end of the month, that they would be evicted from their home. Our friends bought all the Apurina Rapé, not making any profit themselfs. By buying this Apurina Rapé we helped our indiginous brothers and sisters to keep their home.

This is a good example of how we all support the locals in the jungle directly or indirectly by buying their products, so we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all support that you have been giving. Blessings for the indiginous tribes and guardians of the Forest!

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