Ceremonial Cacao


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Ceremonial cacao.

We offer ceremonial, raw, pure Cacao coming from Peru and Venezuela. The spirit of Cacao works on the level of the heart.  A good dose contains 35 gr of cacao for one person. Traditionally the Mayans always added cayenne pepper and you can make an elixer with other herbs such as cinnamon, anise, clove, cardamon and other herbs to your liking. You can add some honey for sweetness or some vegan milk such as rice or oat milk. Cacao gives us energy and happiness. It opens our hearts to everything that has been kept in there can flow; love and tears. Cacao can be used in a ceremonial context. When this is done with the right intention, it can bring much healing on many levels.

Our Peruvian Cacao has a more robust taste and our Venezuelan Cacao a more smooth taste, both being very potent and stronger than most Cacao that we find here in the west.

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