Huni Kuin Murici Rapé


Murici, Huni Kuin tribe, Brazil

A new Rapé to our collection. This Rapé is made by the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil. A beautiful Rapé is a lot of clarity and aligning the energy. This Rapé has a more gentle force, helps us to relax, and brings a lot of light to your system. 

Murici Rapé contains Nicotiana rustica leaves and ash from Murici fruits (Bytsonima Crassofólia). Traditionally this Rapé is being used to heal muscle pain, for its anti-inflammatory properties, reducing fever and diarrhea. It works on detoxifying the lower abdomen from accumulated energies to be released. It is very effective in cleaning and re-energizing the frontal lobe of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

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