Kambo Frog Kuripi


Very cute wooden Kuripi with a Kambo frog.

This beauty is made out of the wood of the Chonta tree, one of the hardest sorts of woods that you can find in the jungle. On top sits a Kambo frog, the king of the jungle. The secretion of this frog gives an almost immediate reaction of purging and detoxification. The effect is so strong that the frog has no enemies. The secretion of the frog is also used by humans to give a strong detoxification, a boost to the immune system, and the release of heavy, negative energies. The Kambo frog is highly praised and treated with a lot of respect in most places. 

Underneath the Kambo frog sits a small piece of Caapi vine, one of the ingredients of the Sacred Ayahuasca brew.

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