Matses Nënë Rapé


Nënë, Matses Tribe, Peru

This is a very special, rare Rapé with a limited stock. It is our only snuff coming from the Peruvian jungle made by the Matses tribe from Peru. This Rapé is commonly known as “Nu-nu” or “Nënë” by the Matses tribe and is being used in their hunting magic. This Rapé is made from toasted, crushed, and finely powdered Nicotiana Rustica leaves, combined with the toasted, crushed, and powdered inner bark of the Macambo tree, a member of the Cacao family.

This snuff has a gentle force and guides us into a deep meditative state of mind. The heart opening energy, like the Spirit of Cacao, touches our spirit and with it’s loving presence is good for diving deep within ourselfs and to work on the emotional body.

The Matses tribe traditionally blow the Nënë into the nose of the hunter using a big bamboo tube. This is done many times until the hunter goes into a visionary state. The Nënë helps the hunter see exactly where, how, and when they will encounter the animal they are trying to catch.



15 gram


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