Noke Kuin Pau Perreira Rapé


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Pau Pereira, Noke Kuin tribe, Brazil

One of the most powerful Rapés in our collection. Pau Pereira is a very familiar medicine for the indigenous people of the Katukinas, Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, Shanenawa, Shawandawa and Puyanawa tribes from the Brazilian Amazon (Acre). The Tsunu and the Pau Pereira originate from the same tree. Pau Pereira ash is crafted from the bark of the tree, which contains more alkaloids. The Tsúnu snuff is made with the wood of the tree.

The medicinal properties of Pau Pereira and the Tsunu are similar, but the Tsunu is softer in it’s effect. Everything depend as well on the tobacco that is being used in the creation of the Rapé. In this case a very rich and more powerful Tobacco is used.

Pau Pereirra Rapé promotes the cleansing of our energy system and is very grounding. The energy of this Rapé is more intense and generates more heat than some others. That is why we classify it as stronger. It is also very much appropriated for the ceremonial use.

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