Noke Kuin Vashawa Rapé


Vashawá, Noke Kuin tribe, Brazil

It’s a potent blend and the initial sensation is that of a sharp nail entering the centre of senses with force, which instantly blanks out any mind activity. It opens the sinuses as energy vibrates through the body leaving with a clear mind and a comfortable buzz. Very calming after effects with a subtle pressure behind the eyes. Excellent to gain focus and power, the mind is cleared instantly leaving a calm and serene state.

This medicine has the great power of awakening and liberation. This medicine is usually used in ceremonies by the healers and shamans. Vashawá means the serpent in the Katukina language, and the serpent is the most sacred animal for them.

This blend is very strong. Great for healing self-esteem and depression because it helps us center ourselves in our present moment, and observe with more details and attention, who are we and what are we doing with our lives. In this process, we understand how to be ourselves more and we understand how to let go of our self judgment. That is why this medicine is good for liberation and awakening.

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