Yawanana Hukena Rapé


Hukena, Yawanawa tribe, Brazil


This Rapé has been made by a young female Medicine Woman being called Hukena Yawanawa. She is a young student of her tradition and she went to several spiritual initiations of her tribe, following very strict Spiritual Dietas to bring a strong force in her ceremonial work. This Spiritual Force can be felt in this Rapé.

The Rapé is made of Tobacco and the ashes from the Tsunu Tree, which is the kind of Rapé the Yawanawa traditionally work with, being as well called Rume in their language.

Some find this the strongest Rapé of our collection, although every experience is of course personal and we have some other Rapés that are being experienced as very strong as well. This Rapé has been made as a master artwork in deep prayer and under the force of their spiritual tradition.

This Rapé brings lots of clarity and inner-strenght and has the power to work through blockages. This Rapé has beautiful aromas and a strong force not to be under estimated. In higher doses it will bring forth a deep cleaning with strong purging and sweating. For this reason Hukena Rapé is very suitable for ceremonies, but start of with a small amount to get to know the strenght.

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