Yawanawa Força Feminina Rapé


Força Feminina, Yawanawa tribe, Brazil.

Força Feminina is made from Tobacco and ashes from the Tsunu tree. Although this rapé has a strong feminine force, it can be used by both women and men.
This rapé brings lots and lots of light in to your being. It also cleanses negative thoughts, restores peace and gives inner-strength. Works well with everything that is feminine – emotions, gentleness, water energy, intuition, perseverance and patience. It opens the heart and connects you to Source.

Besides the energy of gentleness, it will also give you a lot of strength. For this rapé will always contain the energy of women who had to go through many tests in order for their power to be recognized. Thanks to these spiritual warriors, women of the Yawanawa tribe are now also allowed to work with Medicines.

The recipe for the Força Feminina rapé came to Putani Yawanawa during the sacred Muka diet. Only woman are allowed to produce this specific rapé.
This is an outstanding rapé for women that want to liberate themselves and to find their own female strength within, but also men who want to connect more with the feminine aspects of their being.

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